Tecniwell was established in 1987 with the purpose of designing and producing special equipment for soil consolidation works and, mainly, for the Jet-Grouting technique.

Today, after 30 years of activity, tecniwell has become a world manufacturing leader of Jet-Grouting, Grouting, Mixing Equipment and, in the last few years, is also a reference for Pumping equipment for the oil field industry.

The more than 2500 units produced by tecniwell are utilized for the most challenging soil consolidation projects and for oil field applications, all around the Continents, from Europe to Africa, from the Americas to Asia and Oceania.

Tecniwell provides applications for:


Tecniwell is fully committed to the continuing innovation and improvement of its products and to offer the best possible client’s Service.Tecniwell, strongly believes that building a constructive and close Partnership with its clients is the rightest way to develop and manufacture equipment that will perform at the best of:

Productivity and Reliability in a full respect of the Safety

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